Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm a terrier!

StQPort 028
Ron has finally twigged he's a terrier. He's almost four years old but I suppose it's never too late to learn.

When we came back from the boat in June, we found we'd been invaded by mice. We thought they had gone once the good weather arrived but we actually spotted one crossing the back of the sofa a couple of weeks ago. Ron went into hunt mode immediately, but, unfortunately, the mouse could get to places he couldn't (beneath the sofa for example).

MWNN bought three humane traps and put chocolate in each. They have remained empty despite more evidence that there's at least one active mouse in the house.

Ron gets very excited when there are fresh droppings along the runs the mouse is using to navigate its way around the house - behind the cooker, in the cupboard underneath the sink, in the boxes in the utility room. Ron is so positive that the mouse is on the loose that we are regularly pulling out the cooker and emptying cupboards for him to 'seek Mickey'. All to no avail. The mouse is still at large and the traps remain empty.

Ron's new-found vocation has extended to outside the house. When we visited the lavender farm on Wednesday, he took a great interest in the various open  barns, woodpiles, and stacks of pallets that he usually  ignores in favour of chasing his ball.

We may have a problem with recall once he's off-lead from now on, now that he's discovered he's a terrier.