Saturday, 13 August 2011

Walking back to fitness advice

"For most people, it takes twice as long to recuperate from an exercise absence as the absence itself. Thus, if you were away from exercising for a month, it might take you about two months to recover fully." - Eeek. Patience and me are non-mixy things

"True, some people can recuperate more quickly – it will depend on the fitness level you had before your injury or illness. Those who were in better shape may find they are able to bounce back more easily". -
Double-eeek. I haven't swum since winter.

"You will want to begin by simply walking whenever you can. This sounds like a simple task, but walking is the most basic form of exercise there is – and it can be a great starting point after a long illness. See how far you can walk at a time, then try to go farther the next day, and the next day, etc" - MWNN is wise Padawan, obey him you must.