Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Counting blessings

The slow road to recovery is coming along nicely - already, my resting pulse rate is dropping and is down to a creditable 68-76 BP is fine too 116/72 most days. I've just started new BP meds and need to monitor it closely. So far, there's little difference from the old readings. I have another doctor's appointment at the end of the month to see how things are going,

We live in a beautiful part of the world. Despite recent unsettling events in London and other cities, I still feel fairly safe when out and about ('though I have to admit re-thinking the non-ownership of a GSD). On Sunday, we walked in the local 'rec' and admired the old roses in front of the Railway Cottages which face the open space. Many were in need of 'dead heading' like my Red Hat Lady Rose.

 Red Hat Lady Rose

When we returned home, I got out the secateurs and pruned the Red Hat Lady. Some of the clusters of rose heads contained one or two that weren't 'over the top' -  they were perfect for the dining room table.  The scent is heavenly. MWNN says the scent says 'Rush' to him.