Friday, 22 July 2011

Under the weather

This image describes exactly how I am feeling today. Just plain Yukky! I went down with another rotten cold on Wednesday and it's got worse.

The weather isn't helping as its dreary and wet and windy and cloudy and gray and has been for the past week. I 'm sneezing, coughing, aching,  and have no energy to do anything. I think last week really took it out of me as I was feeling totally flattened by the end of the concert on Friday. I may even have picked up the virus there.

I'm missing knitting group today as I don't want to pass on any germs at the beginning of the holiday season and I may have tto miss Fibre East on Saturday if my cold doesn't ease by then. I've been looking forward to that for months, but going out in the rain with a cold is not an option for me - that's a short route to pneumonia.

I am taking naps, drinking fluids,and  hopefully resting my poor body back to a better me....and awaiting a  brighter day. This will pass, I am sure.