Saturday, 16 July 2011

Friday 15th, part one

A fellow Posh-knitter from Washington came out to visit me. She's attending knit nation and, as I couldn't go in to Imperial College because of the Singing Aloud concert in the evening, she came out to me for the day.

We 'did the tour' of the town in the morning, taking in the market, the Physic Garden, medieval streets in the centre of town and St Mary's Church.

We then came home, met Ron and had lunch with  MWNN (aka The Butler).

After lunch, we spent an hour in the fields and barn at the lavender farm and then I dropped her off at the station in time for a train which got her back to Imperial for a 4pm class.

It was great to meet up with someone with whom I've shared an online friendship for over two years but, having been on my feet for most of the day, I was in need of a rest before heading off for a 6pm rehersal.