Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chocolate Lab

Courtesy of BBC news website


or Christian

the lion who lived on the King's Road?



We had just loaded Ron into the car on Friday morning when a big burly biker appeared with an equally burly young chocolate labrador on a lead. The lab was big and heavy (38kg)  for a two-year old. He clearly wanted to play and, as I approached, he launched himself at me and MWNN and attempted to bear hug  us. This reminded me so much of the footage of the  firstreunion between Christian (shown in the link above)  and the two young men who had raised him in their London flat on the King's Road. There was a second  (and final) meeting  in 1972.

Hint: Switch off the sound - the music really annoyed me.

I can only hope that the lab gains the kind of laid-back confidence that Christian did as he enters maturity.