Thursday, 14 July 2011

Buzzy Busy

for the next few days.

This evening  is the second recording session with Singing Aloud. We recorded five songs on Tuesday evening and will be adding another four to our Spring/Summer CD. I also have some shopping to do in the morning in preparation for Friday's guest - a visiting fellow-Posh Knitter from Washington (USA) - and sort out my concert dress (blue blouse, black trousers, but which shoes?)

Friday begins with my annual eye test, pick up my guest and drive her into town to 'do the tour' of the ancient bits. Then home for a light lunch and meetandgreet with MWNN and Ron, followed by a trip to the Lavender farm  where we;ll have tea, before heading to the station for a 3pm train.

In the evening I head out to Pirton where Singing Aloud is in concert with Unity Singers.

I'm sure I'll forget something critical that I've omitted from the many 'to do' lists (like finish setting up the  Cafe Press 'shop' for Singing Aloud merchandise.)

Do you think I'll have time to get on with some knitting for the new grandneice whose early arrival took us by surprise? At least I had enough yarn of suitable colour to cast on a baby blanket as soon as we came home from Scotland.