Monday, 28 February 2011

Knitting maths

I was congratulating myself on the lovely cape I knitted recently and decided to search for a pattern for a jacket that required no sewing. It's made all in one piece (apart from the sleeves which are 'picked up' from the armhole stitches and knitted in the round.) I have a considerable amount of stashed yarn that will make a stunning version. My problem is that the pattern calls for aran weight yarn and my stash is sock and lace-weight. If I really want to use the stash, I will have to so some simple calculations to work out how many strands of each weight are equivalent to aran, if I have enough yards for the project, and how to distribute the colours in a pleasing way. It's all simple maths.

1950s knitting lesson

A recent report laments the badge of honour some people wear that reads 'No good at maths'. Next time someone shows you their badge, give them this article to read.

When I was a child, knitting (and embroidery) were taught in Primary School. It looks as though there is a reason to return to those lessons.