Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A good start to the day

When my GP sent me for blood tests to check for allergies, one of the things he looked for was an allergy to cow's milk. I start my day with a breakfast of fruit, tea, and Weetabix with warmed milk and have complained of feeling queasy afterwards for some years. An allergy to cow's milk sounded like a good bet. The test came back negative - on everything that was tested - but did show an allergy to something.

Despite the negative result, I've stayed with the goat's milk at breakfast time and have had no queasiness since. The brand I like is St Helen's Farm. It's stocked by Tesco and Sainsburys. I've since tried Waitrose goat's milk and it's equally good. Goat's milk is expensive, compared to cow's milk, but it's worth it for the lack of quease in the mornings. It tastes no different to cow's milk.

If we were a little more rural, I'd quite like to keep a goat. And chickens. But we're on the edge of the town and I doubt the neighbours would approve. Getting goat and chicken sitters while we're away could also be a problem, not to mention the lack of space in the garden and the local fox community.