Sunday, 3 October 2010

That was just THE best birthday ever

I would have liked lunch at The Radcliffe Arms but there's a beer festival taking place this weekend and I didn't want to be with lots of people in a noisy place. So I bought birthday food at Waitrose on Friday, including a mini cake. Nephew and neice-in -law came over for an event in Hemel Hemstead. They brought some Irish soda bread for my lunch. Dinner was also courtesy of Waitrose - King scallops for MWNN and Salmon mouse for me, then roast lamb with redcurrant sauce, roast potato wedges with steamed veg. and that lovely chunk of Wensleydale to follow. All washed down with a bottle of bubbly from my pile of presents.

It was long after lunch when I got round to opening all my presents as I'd 'played' with my Kindle all morning. Such wonderful presents they were too - quite a haul of champagne from France, tea from Ireland, tea-light holders from Cambodia, a leather cover for the Kindle, and some Clarins Eye Revive, . There was also a book I'd bought myself and a facecloth I'd knitted in lovely S. African cotton.