Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I managed to get along to the Library on Monday morning and put up the display on the board. The new banner made an excellent 'base' from which the rest of the display flows.

I chose some books that might be of interest to both beginners and more experienced knitters and left some group leaflets with the Librarian in case the ones on the display shelf are all taken.

The display will remain on the board until May 1st.

While I was photographing the display, a woman who is newly resident in the town asked about becoming a member. She's recently had a car crash which put her in a wheelchair and, unfortunately for her, the morning group meets in the upstairs 'classroom' in Tim's. Mediaeval buildings don't come with disabled access so we'll have to think creatively about how she can get along to daytime meetings. The evening group meets in the shop on the ground floor or in the neighbouring pub but this woman really wants a daytime activity.