Friday, 26 March 2010

The right tools

MWNN is always banging on about having the right tools for the job - and he's definitely on to something.

Sewing Class had been cancelled on Wednesday so I went out to buy materials for my next lesson. I also  bought a cutting board for measuring and marking out my fabric in the hope that it would help with the sewing of straight seams.

Why oh why oh why didn't I do this ages ago? It was a doddle measuring and marking for cutting pieces and for marking seam guidelines.

I'm having a go at making a Tote bag so that I can learn how to set in a zip. I prepared the pieces that make up the bag from some old material I'd stashed years ago. On a whim, I decided to liven up the front of the bag by adding some patchwork squares. Having marked the seam guides with the aid of the new board, I had no problems at all sewing perfectly straight lines.

Having seamed the front and back pieces of the bag, I stitched the patchwork to the front, adding a piece of ribbon to finish the top edge.

Next stage is making the handles and the lining that will be part of the zipper closing. The handles I can pre-make but will wait before cutting and preparing the lining until next week's lesson as I don't know which method M'Tutor will use for setting in the zip.

I'm quite pleased with the result of my off the cuff design, given that it's made from scraps left over from old projects.