Friday, 19 March 2010

I thought it was Thursday on Wednesday, so I went swimming - as I usually do on Thursday - except it wasn't Thursday, it was Sewing Class Day. I was talking to a fellow-swimmer in the changing room when I discovered the mistake.

So, with damp hair, I drove into town to make my apologies to M'Tutor. I needn't have bothered. She hadn't noticed my absence and was so busy with other students that she wouldn't have had time for my 'show me again how to sew a straight line' requests. The other students are making garments and all are at the stage where they are urged to 'ease that seam' to give a perfect fit. I've put in a request to be taught how to set in a zip at a future lesson, so I need an easy bag pattern for learning this.

As I didn't have any equipment with me, I  then went to the local fabric shop and bought some hemming web to prepare all the curtain seams for next week. In the back of the shop I spotted some aran weight yarn at a very economical price - £7.50 for a 400gm ball. The Sailor Blue tabbard took 300gms of Posh Yarn that cost £36 so I consider the 400g a definite 'go-er' for knitting another tabbard that I can wear aboard the narrowboat.