Friday, 5 March 2010

The wonder of Wonderweb

I learned all about the wonder that is wonderBondaweb at Wednesday's sewing class to produce this design for my latest (and hopefully last)  cushion cover. Absolutely no sewing skills required to create this simple 'picture' using a variety of fabrics. The finishing touches were a button for the centre of the flower and embroidered antenae on the butterfly. The flower stem and leaves were made from a scrap of green voile. The wonderweb is visible and gives the right leaf a textured quality.

Then it was a simple task to make up the cushion cover and add it to the growing collection for use in the guest room.

Here it is pictured beside the plain one I made last week, to which I'd already added gold-coloured twisted cord and tassels.

Now I just need MWNN to dig out the dimensions of the narrowboat windows and I'm all ready for my first foray into curtain making.