Saturday, 6 March 2010

Counting blessings

I am very lucky to belong to two social groups that bring me such joy. The first is the knitting group that I co-founded a year ago.

We celebrated our first anniversary at our co-founder's home on Friday. Alicia set up a large table in her beautiful conservatory and we drank tea, knitted, chatted and laughed until lunchtime. Then we cleared the table and Alicia served home-made soup with fresh crusty bread, followed by a huge cheese board, and finishing with home-made cheese-cake. We toasted the group with sparkling wine from the Loire valley and then wished our hostess a happy birthday with another glass before departing.

The weather was perfect, bright, sunny, with just a nip in the air to remind us Spring has barely begun. The conservatory was toasty warm and filled with luscious plants; orange and lemon trees, succulents and evergreens.

It was such a lovely day. The core members of the group are a lively, irreverent bunch. We tease one another mercilessly but there is genuine friendship and cameraderie.

As I said - I know I'm very lucky.