Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yesterday's sewing class was very productive. I made a new cushion cover and sewed the seams and hems with the same colour thread as the fabric.

During the class I learned
  • How to wind a new colour onto the bottom bobbin.
  • How to change the bottom bobbin.
I measured and cut the three pieces needed for an envelope-back cover and, despite the lack of an iron made a double-hem on the two back pieces. I found working with the same colour thread as the fabric tricky, especially as there were no guiding plaid stripes to help keep the line of sewing straight.
I'm fairly pleased with the result. I am trimming the edge with gold piping cord to give it a more defined outline.

 I can now thread the top needle efficiently and am more confident when seaming, even managing a bit of reverse stitching to ensure a secure start to each seam.

A few more of these and I will be ready to  move on to some appliqué work on the front.