Sunday, 24 January 2010

After a fraught drive down through the back streets of London, guided by the Sat Nav (which was set to 'shortest' instead of 'fastest' route), we had a very nice day with The Daughter and Son-in-Law and two very timid kittens. Poor Ron was confined to his crate a lot but enjoyed demolishing the kittens' bell-toy and exploring the
lamp postsstreets of Wimbledon.

Dinner was slow-roasted buffalo, something I thought would be gamey but wasn't in the least. Served with a selection of vegetables, and gravy made from the meat juices, it's something to which I'll give serious consideration for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary meal next month.

Belated exchange of Christmas Gifts preceded dinner. I'm looking forward watching to Star Trek on my laptop today and leafing through The Knitters' Bible before starting my joint knitting-sewing bag project that requires the learning of a new (to me) knitting stitch.