Saturday, 8 October 2016

Photo Retrospective

Southwold October 2016

Sole Bay Inn - our local for the week. Good food, great ale, very convenient location (our cottage was the blue one on the right of the picture).

Southwold Lighthouse, right behind our cottage's rear yard.

Watching the beams rotate at night is mesmerising.

Gunn Hill Beach Kiosk, the opposite end of the Promenade from the cottage,  is a good place to stop for a rest and a cuppa.

Ron's favourite pastime. We managed two or three beach walks each day.

Digging out the castle moat.

New sand cliffs are building up with each tide.

WWII mine used as a collection box for Shipwrecked Mariners.

Unknown bird, photographed by MWNN, outside the cottage.

MWNN serving tea at Sole Bay Kiosk.

The one place we have yet to visit (because it's a wet-weather destination and we haven't had many wet days during our visits to Southwold) is the Electric Picture Palace.

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