Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Stressless Magic

The most comfortable Stressless Chair ever made

In the middle of sorting stuff for when the flooring man comes to lay a new hard-floorin the sitting-room, dining room, and hallway, MWNN decided it was time to look for a new chair. So we packed the dog into the car and headed to Hatters in Bedford. The plan was for me to take Ron to Priory Park to walk, while MWNN selected his chair. It was way past lunchtime when we arrived.  I parked the car in a shady spot in Hatters' Car-park and gave Ron a quick pee stop. Before I returned to the car, MWNN summoned me into the store to see the selected recliner.

The chair is made by Elcornes It's the large version of the Magic Model - the most comfortable chair Elcornes make. Chair purchased, delivery date sometime in September, we made out way to Priory Park for a very late (3pm) lunch.

After lunch, I left MWNN and SiL to rest in the shade, while I took Ron for a rapid 30 minute walk.

The path from the Marina runs alongside the main lake.

This lake now occupies the site of a Roman Villa.

The lake is now home to a diverse population of flora and fauna.

There were several pairs of swans nesting on the bank.

Flag iris looking splendid.

Deadly belladonna.

Don't know what this tree is. It is covered in a cotton-wool-like mass of seed pods, but has long, narrow leaves. Could be a willow, as the air was filled with seeds floating on the light breeze.

Ron was more interested in the water than the wildlife. When we reached the far end of the lake, where there is a gently sloping shingle bank, he rescued some twigs that were in need of a good retrieving.

He loved this part of the lake. His high-trotting in the shallows (very Patterdale) drew comments from two young women sitting on the bank,

I needed a rest, at this point, but the only available seat was in full sun.

I took as much advantage of the shade as I could on our return to the restaurant, letting thetrees, wind, water, and wildlife work  their magic.