Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ooooh - shiny

We've been getting the restored rooms back into shape, now that they have been re-floored and decorated.

One of the best purchases has been a new wine rack for the larder.

It holds 42 bottles and has brought order to the bottle storage.

The spare (drinks, vegetables and fruit) fridge is back, as is the vegetable rack and small wine store.

The shelves are being re-organised so that groceries can be stored more efficiently.

Work is also proceeding apace in the study.

MWNN's chair is back and he is busily sorting the contents of the shelves.

The desk has moved in front of the window, where

The printer trolley and stationery cupboard are within easy reach

When the shelves have beem re-organised, there should be plenty of space in which to work and relax.

I'm waiting for the arrival of a new shelving unit for the utility room, so that it too can be put into full working order,