Sunday, 29 November 2015

Storm Clodagh

heading our way.

But before the gales arrived, we walked for two hours along the promenade.

There were lots of people, with their offsrping and dogs. talking a Sunday morning stroll. The sea was stormy, with high waves crashing over the top of the groin markers.

Ron met a sweet little Jack Russel X called Izzy. She was very timid but took to Ron straight away. They trotted along the Prom, shoulder to shoulder, studiously ignoring one another, but obviously comfortable with the close proximity,

Suzie's Beach Cafe was doing a roaring trade in bacon  and sausage butties and hot beverages.

The smell of grilled bacon was  blown down the promenade, almost as far as the Pier.

There was a rain canopy over the seating area (seats come with lap blankets) and fairy lights and bunting to brighten the day.

We'd already decided not to eat out today, so we passed by, walking towards Gun Hill.

We could have walked further, but the winds began to strengthen. Warning gusts blew sand into our faces, so we turned around and headed bask the Lighthouse View.

We've settled down for a post-lunch rest (nap in MWNN's and Ron's case) The wind is up to 32 mph and the lights are beginning to flicker. Overhead power cables are at the mercy of the wind. We have the advantage of a gas fire and a gas hob, should there be a power cut.

Dinner tonight will be Suffolk lamb Barnsley chops, with new potatoes and greens, all of which can be cooked on the hob.