Monday, 30 November 2015

Last day

beside the seaside.

It rained continuously, so we donned wet-weather gear and split forces.

MWNN took Ron for a walk to Gun Hill, while I did some shopping and posted my first Christmas card to Germany,

I took the fastest route to the Post Office, via Smugglers' Cottage on Church Street.

On Saturday, we tried to persuade one of these chaps to donate a hide for TheD for Christmas, but they weren't having any of that.

So, from the Post Office, I went to Adnams' Cellar and Kitchen Store for a spot of  Christmas shopping.

Then it was back down the High Street, to Tesco, for milk and veg, and the greengrocer next door for tomatoes and plums.

The RNLI now has a permanent presence opposite Coasters.

It started drizzling on the way Lighthouse View (the white building at the right-hand side is the shed in the cottage's back yard)

As I walked past Adnams' Brewery, the sweet smell of hops warmed the air.We can still smell it now, despite the incessant rain.

We say goodbye to Southwold tomorrow and head back to a house in need of much sorting and TLC.  We shall return in the Spring (to Blackshore) and early autumn (to Lighthouse View).