Sunday, 17 May 2015

He's dead. Oh no he's not. He is now!

We had a lovely time at the Walsworth Festival this morning. There were lot of activities and demonstrations and  a very good turnout by local organisations, including the Townswomen's Guild, North Herts Sanctuary, RNLI, and lots more.

Green Dragon Bowmen were busy keeping the tradition of English bowmen alive, and encouraging people to try their hand at the archery bosses.

Fire and Police, who let children switch on the sirens and flashing lights on the patrol car.

The local ballet school gave a special performance of scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream,

Unfortunately, we left for a late lunch before the Hitchin School of Russian Ballet were scheduled to perform.

We could have feasted on pork, but decided that Ron had been left on his own too long (it's the first year he hasn't accompanied us).

The most impressive sight (amongst the many) was that of local children

versus a hoard of marauding Vikings,

who were brazenly camped on the Common

Mind you, the children were coached by an 'insider', who led their charge on the Viking Shield Wall,

and encouraged them to make sure that fallen Vikings stayed down.

I think he's dead. Oh, no, he's not. He is now!

I was quite surprised that there was no organisation publicising the campaign to save Walsworth Community Centre,which hosts a lot of the local organisations' meetings and activities,and which was open throughout the Festival.