Monday, 4 May 2015

Didn't we have a loverly time

at the May Day celebrations at the British Schools Museum.

MWNN and I spent a couple of hours there this morning.

Watching local children being trained in Maypole dancing

and learning, very quickly, how the music gave cues to their dancing.

There was time for a quick cup of tea (we declined the cake), a browse in the museum's shop (where several useful items were purchased), and a quick trip round the market stalls in town,

before the Offley Morris Men arrived at the museum.

The Offley Morris Men has its own Hobby Horse. In keeping with tradition, the Hobby interacts with the audience.

Another character who encourages the audience to participate, is The Green Man.

The Offley Green Man bears the name 'Offa Rex' - a reminder that the village of Offley  has a long history, dating back to the reign of King Offa.

Also present was a much older 'Green Man', who did not take part in the dancing, but encouraged the audience to 'have a go' towards the end of the session.

The audience, young and old alike, joined in the final session of skipping-while-waving-a-hankie, with great enthusiasm.

It was a lovely community event with a real sense of everyone contributing to make it fun and profitable for the museum's roof fund.