Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Beginning to look good

Galley - bathroom and front cabin beyond

The boat is now cleared of clutter, and has clean cupboards and surfaces.

We went up to the boat yesterday to do some more de-cluttering. The journey should have taken about an hour, but there was a 30 minute delay at the Black Cat Roundabout. Exactly the same on the way back. We can't see how the 'improvements' will ease congestion at all.

As we approached the marina, MWNN remembered that he hadn't brought the marina gate key and the boat key. Not to worry, though. The padlock on the stern hatch is one that doesn't need a key.

After checking that we had access to the boat, we took Ron for a walk along the disused railway line that is now a cycle-way through Stanwick Lakes.

It was beautiful sunny day, so we walked the short distance to Woodford Mill, to check out the tea room holiday flats. Unfortunately, they are fully booked for 2015.

The walk from the marina passes one of the big fishing lakes.

The D1029 'flyover' is just behind the boats

This is a truly lovely area in which to keep the boat and a great improvement in the environs of the St Quentin Port de Plaisance.