Thursday, 6 November 2014

Been a bit busy lately

First there was Southwold

followed by the This Adventure

and a cruise.

Next came Festiwool

Gosmore Ladies' Christmas Fair

with a sequel in Gosmore.

Heading back to the Marina

Yesterday, it was back to the boat for  a 40 minute walk

Nature Reserve

on the Stanwick Lakes Nature Reserve trail.

lunch, and a spot of work,

Work was interrupted at times by the demands of the resident swans

View from the front deck

and other water fowl.

I took Ron for a walk around the lake to the river entrance to the Marina.

It's densely wooded with just one break in the trees with a view across the lake to the boats.

It really is a lovely location, close to home - an ideal alternative to our previous mooring.

Next up is an away-weekend with Hitchin Stitchin'. We're returning to Belstead Brook Hotel for a weekend of knitting and nattering.