Sunday, 22 June 2014

Health and Safety kntting?

A member of Hitchin' Stitchin drew the group's attention to an article about the Tour de France preparations that had nothing to do with the sport.

Thousands of knitters have spent months of preparations for the Tour de France. Miles of bunting has been strung across streets in towns that will see the athletes racing through.

One council, however, has ordered that the bunting be removed. The theory is that, when it rains, the weight of wet wool will bend the lamp-posts.

Health and Safety hazard? Masham Town.

Knitters are known for their determination and have found alternative means of demonstrating their support for and celebration of the Tour.

And it's not only bunting that is decorating English towns along the route, bicycles have also been used in a variety of ways.

Yorkshire Pudding bicycle wheel

The start of this year's Tour looks like being a typically quirky British affair.