Monday, 26 May 2014

Sunny Bank Holiday


well it was, yesterday, so we went to Benington Lordship Gardens.

Picspam to follow - doesn't convey the heavenly scents that assailed us as we turned onto a new avenue/path/terrace.

The folly had us both fooled, probably because it was built from the rubble of the Norman Castle (c1830s).

The manor house (not open to the public) was built in the 1740s

MWNN was rather taken with the Aliums.

Planting in the formal walled-garden in front of the house.

Herbaceous border alongside the kitchen garden wall.

Haven't a clue what these are, but I like them

and these.

The bees were busy gathering pollen from various flowers, especially the bell-shaped ones.

I spotted a herb garden with a buxus hedge edging it. Decided it was too low to use as a hedge in our front garden

After we arrived back home, we walked Ron, looking at the various edgings on the estate's open-plan front gardens. A low hedge of Euonymous may well replace the leylandii trees we removed.