Monday, 7 April 2014

Mornings are for

Bruised ankle from Saturday's reedbed incident


Oford Oysterage Restaurant

afternoons are for gentle strolls in Orford.

MWNN walked Ron in the forest while I rested the ankle yesterday morning. After lunch, I decided that my ankle needed an airing and some gentle exercise, so we made the short journey to Orford.

The rain ceased and there was some hazy sunshine for the duration of our visit.

Pinneys smokehouse - not on fire

We bought some smoked bacon from Pinneys. MWNN decided not to buy any smoked eel as he felt it was a little overpriced. We later learned (from a couple we met in the quayside teashop) that there is a second smokehouse (Richardsons) in Orford which sells produce at a much more reasonable price.

After tea, I wanted to check out Orford Castle. We're members of English Heritage but MWNN left his membership card at home. The Castle staff were very helpful - of course they could check the joint membership from my card's details - on Monday when the office is open.

MWNN and Ron walking the castle grounds below 

I want to go back to explore Orford and its castle a little more in better weather, when my ankle has improved.  The view from the entrance level to the castle is wonderful. It must be better from the top on a clear day.