Saturday, 12 April 2014

Goodbye Suffolk

The Alde - Snape Maltings in the distance.

MWNN and I left Iken Barns early on Friday morning. Before breakfast, I'd taken Ron to say goodbye to Don, the resident horse, and take final photos of the lovely views from the garden.

The view across the paddock behind the barns

Don wasn't really interested in saying goobye. He was too busy with his breakfast to come to the fence.

Lasagne and Moussaka by Cook chef's Liam and Joshua

We'd already decided that we would shop in Friday Street Farm Shop for lunch and dinner. The lamb moussaka and beef lasagne by Cook were delicious. Each meal has the name of the chef  who prepared it on its label.

Dingley Dell pigs

We also bought some Dingley Dell pork chops, sausages, and bacon. Free-range Suffolk pork is probably the best pork we have ever tasted in the UK.

Neighbour's photo, on Mother's Day

It's nice to be home. Our neighbour called in the evening, carrying the Mother's Day bouquet that had been delivered 10 days ago. It was still looking good, although the roses were past their best.