Friday, 7 February 2014

It's all about

regaining confidence.

My Personal Trainer is certainly working on that.

PT Session 2 - 30 minute workout.

We started with 6 mins warm-up on the bike. Unbeknown to me, she'd set the resistance 2 notches higher than last week's workout. Despite this, I was able to chat away for the full six minutes without too much wheezing. My heart rate went into the mid 140s, prompting the question 'why', from me. My PT confessed to setting the machine higher based on last week's performance.

Then it was on to some core workout, starting with thighs and glutes. I did some standing squats, this time using VIPR weights.

VIPR squats Stock photo

Dumbell squats Stock photo
The first 12 repetitions was done using 4kg. The next two repeats were done with 6kg.

After that, we moved on to more squats using the large exercise ball at the small of the back. This time the repetitions were done with dumb-bell weights. Each repetition was followed by some bicep curls.

Bosu Ball Stock photo

The one exercise for which I am really not ready is done using the Bosu Ball. When I was at my my fittest, I could do squats on it. The most I could manage in this session was not falling off when both feet were firmly planted in the middle. Attempts at raising one foot, without holding on to my PT's arm, were not successful and resulted in both of us collapsing in giggles.

One of the challenges my PT has set is to regain my ability to workout on the Bosu Ball without her help.

We finished the 30 min workout with a few minutes cool-down on the rowing machine.

After a quick cuppa in the newly-refurbished cafe, I managed 10mins in the pool.

Not too shabby, and definitely more than I thought I was capable of three weeks ago.