Saturday, 30 November 2013

The wrong Trousers Recipe

I've been very under-par for the last four weeks. Nutrition Chez Hesadevil has suffered.

Yesteday, I decided to use the smoked haddock we'd bought at Sole Bay Smokehouse (in the freezer as soon as we arrived home) to make Eggs Arnold Bennett. Eggs, cream, fish, cheese - can't get much more nutritional than that.

The problem was, I couldn't find the recipe that gives an omlette/souflee -style result. The meal was just as nutritious as that recipe but was closer to the flat omlette with cheesy, saucy, fish topping we'd eaten at The Swan

Flat Eggs Arnold Bennet at The Swan

MWNN said it was delicious, but I was keen to find the original recipe. Thanks to the wonderweb's  search engine, I found it on a Blog Entry from earlier in the year. I knew whisking eggs came into it somewhere.