Saturday, 2 November 2013

A bit of barter

does you, and your wallet, good.

There was no more digging or delving, yesterday - the weather was not as kind as had been forecast.

After a short walk, during which the sky descended, we drove into the market. I wanted a replacement lense cap for my camera, we needed a new carving fork (to replace the one that mysteriously disappeared recently), my watch needed a new leather strap, and MWNN was on the lookout for more butter knives and/or jam spoons.

First stop was the camera stall, where I negotiated a swap - my defunct Olympus Camera for a new camera case and lense cap (with line) for my Canon. Had the Olympus been in working order, I would have come away fro the deal with cash-in-hand. As it was, I was very pleased with the arrangement.

Similar to the carver MWNN bought

Next in line was a visit to several stalls selling second-hand cutlery. I found a carving fork (with guard and backeite handle) in the 'everything for £1 box. MWNN added a butter knife and jam spoon (from the same box) but negotiated the whole lot for £2.50. The carving fork is in very good condition - hardly used, and all three pieces are EPNS.

Finally, my watch strap was replaced with a new, smart, brown leather version.

By now, the sky had lifted and the rain had ceased. Back home, the carving fork was pressed into service after a good scrub. We had chicken broth and sandwiches for lunch.