Thursday, 24 October 2013


was spent resting at The Headmaster's House. I woke up feeling chesty and achy so decided not to push the exercise any further than necessary. In the morning, MWNN went out with Ron for a walk on the beach, then collected the bread on order at Two Magpies Bakery. I had fresh Ciabatta and tea for a late lunch.

The Couple (Southwold Oct 2013)

In the afternoon, I caught up with Downton Abbey, having forgotten about it on Sunday evening. I spent some time listening to the radio, then tinkering with some images taken in the past week - editing them to bring out similarities to Jack Vetrianno's style of painting.

I read some chapters of World War II Blitz, Volume 1, 1939-1940. It's fascinating how a woman living through such difficult times reveals her inner life, centred on her former life in America. What I find particularly interesting is how the monotony and burden of days spent in the company of her 'fool' of a husband's relatives serves to emphasise  her need for her former American life. She writes, "I am a woman for whom circumstances have destroyed friendships, but I crave friendship and there is never a friend."

Later in the afternoon, I slept for a few hours - a deep, heavy sleep, which neither MWNN's coming and going with Ron nor the radio disturbed. I must have needed this rest day.