Monday, 28 October 2013

Back home and

preparing for the storm.

It was lovely coming home to a clean, warm, and tidy house. The problem was, we filled it with luggage that required unpacking, the contents re-integrating into its proper place, and mounds of laundry in need of processing. After an extra hour in bed ion Sunday morning, it was time to set to work.

Across rolling Hertfordshire, towards Roxley Court (far right)
MWNN was mindful of the approaching stormy weather, so we headed out early for a walk in the sunshine. It was very blustery and had rained hard on Saturday night.

We used the Greenway  around Manor Farm, William as the path is bordered by hedgerows rather than tall trees.

The countryside is beautiful, different from Southwold and we miss the ozone, but just as lovely.

Ron had a great time, chasing his ball through the many rainwater 'lagoons' that had collected at the top end of the Greenway path. I picked him up on the way back to the car as we crossed the little bridge over the ditch, to avoid a mud-bath-fest.

We then picked up a few supplies at Morrisons in Letchworth and were home in time to hang the wet laundry in the conservatory to dry. A nice lunch of Leo's Deli's quiche and sausage roll with salad, preceded a check of the garden to secure anything that might be damaged in the forecasted gales. We stored the Sun Sail in the conservatory before relaxing indoors.

There is more to do in the way of integration of holiday stuff but that will keep for another day. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the comforts of our own Headmaster's House.

ETA 0900, Monday 28th - Storm has passed without much damage. I'm rather cross at the media who are now finding fault with the MET for 'over-estimating' the storm. Better that than what happened in 1987. People were prepared for the worst and much damage, injury, and death has been averted thanks to precautions taken.