Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sea Bass Recipe

MWNN loves cabbage.

I can't abide it. 

Consequently, MWNN rarely has cabbage cooked by me.

Being chief Cook for the next couple of months, I bought a lovely fresh green cabbage from Waitrose and started looking for recipes I could cook for MWNN.

This is a cross between my ginger and lime fish recipe and the Beeb's Chinese Steamed Sea Bass with Cabbage recipe.


Sea Bass fillets (one per person)
Fresh limes
Ground ginger
Head of cabbage 


Pre-heat oven to 220deg (gas mark 5)

Set aside one Sea Bass filet to pan fry.
Place remaining Sea Bass fillets skin side down in foil (or parchment paper if available)
Place large piece of butter  on each filet
Sprinkle ginger on top of butter and fillets.
Squeeze the juice of a lime, avoiding the butter.
Make a pyramid parcel from the foil, crimping edges lightly.

(Alternately, you can use a separate parcel for each filet)

Bake in oven for 10 - 15 mins until fish flakes easily.

Meanwhile, steam shredded cabbage for 10 mins.

In large frying pan, saute ginger in butter.
Add Sea Bass filet and cook for a few minutes, turning regularly until fish is done.
Squeeze lime juice in pan.
Remove fish and keep warm
Place steamed cabbage in pan and saute until cabbage absorbs the lime and ginger butter.

Serve Sea Bass on top of cabbage, skin side up.
Remove skin,
Pour over ginger and lime stock from foil parcel.

Serve with new potatoes or rice.