Monday, 29 July 2013

Relaxing with Fibre

I spent a couple of hours at Fibre East yesterday.

First stop was Wooly Chic's stand in the Sports' Hall to say 'hello' to Helen who runs the business from home.

Then it was off browse the various stalls, trying to resist buying anything other than some stitch markers needed for a lace project and some Soak from Purlescence.

I managed to resist Wendy Fowler 's beautiful yarn bowls and regretted it when I got home. She does sell online but there's the cost (and risk) of postage if I add one to my birthday wish-list.

There was a short break in the Refreshments' Marquee and then it was off to look at the sheep. Unfortunately we'd just missed a shearing exhibition. Some of the sheep left in the pen were queuing to go through the gate to the ramp into the lorry.

Others were happy to doze in the shade.

Sheep weren't the only animals at Fibre East. The Angora Guild had a rabbit on display inside the Guilds' Marquee. She was keeping cool by sitting near two electric fans and keeping one paw in the water bowl.

Fibre East is all about British Yarn. There were many producer's of breed-specific yarn at the event.

It was lovely to have a break for a couple of hours with friends who share the passion for working with fibre.