Monday, 13 May 2013

Eventful Weekend

On Saturday, MWNN had surgery that lasted almost seven hours. He had encouraged me to remain in place as Team Leader on that day for Hitchin Stitchin's stall at Hatfield House's Living Crafts Festival.

Our stall looked wonderful

We had many compliments about the items members of the group had knitted for the display and the workshop table was very busy.

The leader of a  neighbouring group, Hearts and Crafters, manned the workshop table all day (and on Sunday, too) and helped many people (including a pair of youngsters who are brother and sister) to begin knitting or gave advice to anyone who wanted help with techniques.

At about 2.30pm, news came through that MWNN's operation had gone well (was shorter than had been expected) and the he was in recovery. I asked MWNN's sister, who was at home with Ron, to put the pink champagne in the fridge.

I think sis-in-law could get used to this

Later that evening, we celebrated with pink champagne and rose and violent cremes.