Thursday, 4 April 2013

Replacement mp3 player

The 'bodge' on the Merlin Swim mp3 player (see this Blog entry) didn't work and the thing finally broke altogether. It was inside the guarantee period but I had caused the damage by using a tight swimming cap.

The search began for a replacement with a slightly different strap design and a 'replacement' guarantee. I thought the Sony Walkman waterproof mp3 player looked a llikely contender and went to have a look at one in Currys PCWorld in Stevenage.

This model has a flexible strap and no brittle connecting pieces. Charging/loading music is via a 'cradle' and the sound and controls are superior to the Merlin's.

Once bitten ...... , I bought the additional 'replacement' cover (£15 for three years is a LOT cheaper than replacing in the way I'm doing now.)

You get what you pay for, so they say (except the Merlin was no cheaper than the Sony) and this is much more expensive than standard mp3 players.

Looking forward to seeing how the Sony performs in the pool, once said pool is empty of school children and Easter Break guests from the hotel.