Thursday, 18 April 2013

New territory

for our walk yesterderday.  MWNN wanted to try the walk in Weston Woods.

We let Ron off the lead for the whole of the walk. He had a great time. By the end of the 45min stroll, he was still chipper with not a sign of a limp.

A wide, well-signed, hard-surfaced track with benches on which to rest, runs through the middle of the wood.
Benches marked in red, information signs in blue.

In order to walk a 'loop', we had to take a slightly narrower track leading up to Gibbet Hill and alongside  the chalk grasslands at the top.  Plans are underway to re-introduce English Longhorn cattle onto the grassland. There was evidence of more fencing with 'kissing gates' to prevent the cattle straying onto the steep slopes of the woods, and water-troughs are already in place.

This track was very steep at times (MWNN said a few degrees more and we would need climbing ropes).

Then it was back, via a connecting track, to the main path.

The newly-created nature reseve is certainly a place to consider walking on a hot summer's day. Yesterday, there was quite a stiff breeze but it was mild and the woods provided plenty of shelter.