Saturday, 9 March 2013

Three Million Ravellers!

 March 8th 2013
Bob, blowing his own trumpet.
A website that remains free to all users, is funded through unobtrusive advertising and merchandising, yet manages to be the best database and social network site on the planet.

Ravelry has made such a big difference to my life. I've found a fabulous supplier of unique hand-dyed yarns (Posh Yarn), made some great friends, learned a lot of new techniques, and tried patterns I would not have considered if Ravelry didn't exist,

From the website -
From the very first beta testers, Ravelers have made this site so much more than the sum of its parts. Ravelry users are based in nearly every country in the world, and do just about anything you can imagine with yarn and fiber (and some things you’d probably never imagine before you saw them on Ravelry!). The forums are lively, the pattern and yarn database grows every day, projects and stash keep multiplying… the site continues to grow and improve, welcoming new people, every day.