Thursday, 7 March 2013

Swimming again

After a very long absence, I've been back in the pool twice this week. The first session was quite short, clocking up just 300m before my knee started complaining. Yesterday, I managed 500m, even though my shoulders started aching at 200m. I ploughed on, adjusting my stroke a little and swam another 300 metres, loosening up during each length.

The theory that your goggles strap holds the mp3 in place is fine if you have a big head. The mp3 head-strap is too big for me and can be held in place only with a swimming hat.

Throughout the swim, my mp3 player stayed firmly in my ears thanks to the new  hat I'd bought for that purpose. My one (small) niggle is that I do get water in my ears. I may have to alternate sessions with the mp3 player with sessions using earplugs to prevent a recurrence of the ear infection I suffered some years ago.

Taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab

Afterwards, I decided to have a decaf in the cafe as I knew Clipper Organic decaf was avaliable.

Swimming while listening to Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins is very relaxing.