Thursday, 14 March 2013

Old Friends

I had a lovely afternoon tea yesterday. Tea and a slice of wonderfully moist Victoria sponge at The Wellington, Welwyn.

Something for a future visit

I was tucking into said Victoria sponge when my neighbour's tea arrived with freshly baked, hot, scones, clotted cream and jam.

I was there at the invitation of The Queen of Fiery Facinators, an offshoot of the Red Hat Society's My Fair Ladies. I had let my membership  lapse this year and was missing the companionship. The 'leader' of Fiery Fascinators, Mags, Queen of Herts, picked me up at 2,30pm yesterday and swooshed me down to Welwyn.

There I met some old friends I'd met through My Fair Ladies.

In addition to the excellent cakes and tea, The Wellington serves some real ales and has a good wine seleaction. It is a building with a fascinating history.

It's a nice venue for afternoon tea and may  become a regular monthly event for me.