Thursday, 28 March 2013


Nuffield Health & fitness do a fine cappuccino

after 500m swim  in 18mins, resulting in a broken mp3 player.

I had a very relaxing swim, yesterday, listening to The Everly Brothers, Marvin Gay, Queen, and John Lennon. Before I got into the pool, I'd struggled to get my swimming cap to stay in place without forcing the mp3 ear-pieces out of my ears. The cap is, obviously (in hindsite) too severe a restraining device for the player.

When I removed the cap and player, I noticed that one of the adjustable (angle only, not length) 'arms' was dangling. I thought this was the same problem I'd had before when the arm had slipped out of its connecting socket (marked in white on the pic below). I examined the problem as I sipped the delicious cappucino in the coffee bar, and discovered that the  arm had snapped at the point marked in red.

There are no replacement parts to be found on the web so it's going to be a home-made  'Heath-Robinson' bodge to fix it in place. I'll then try a head band in place of swimming cap.