Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Look, there's some blue sky

Today was a brighter day and less cold though the wind is stronger and just as biting as yesterday.

We started with an hour's walk from Southwold's South Beach tea bar to Southwold Haven (harbour) and back.

Approaching Southwold Harbour

After a mooch along the harbour and deciding not to buy fresh fish for dinner, we walked back, past the Alfred Corry Museum to the car, and headed home for lunch.

The Bay Tree Bistro, Halesworth

After lunch,  even more blue sky (with sunshine) appeared. We set off in search of the old railway line (now a footpath) in Blythburgh. Having found it and decided it was too boggy to walk, we drove  to Halesworth for a spot of shopping in the sunshine. We didn;t get to go inside the Bay Tree again as there was afternoon tea waiting for us at home in the cottage.

Another good day.

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