Saturday, 9 February 2013

I hate to admit it but,

the French know a thing or two about cooking.

Most recipes for boeuf bourguignon, served at classy French restaurants, call for a good cut of beef, rump or filet.

We've become disappointed with the quality of stewing beef in our casseroles. Recently, I've been using Aberdeen Angus Rump to make my own version of beef and dumpling casserole. The difference the beef makes to the taste and texture of the dish is well worth the extra cost.

Serves two.
350-400g Aberdeen Angus rump, cut into chunks
Carrots - peeled and sliced
Medium potato cut into small pieces
Onion - chopped
Mixed herbsTomato puree
Red wine
Lea and Perrins sauce
Knorr Beef stock pot
Auntie Bessies frozen dumplings
Fry beef to seal - put into crock pot
Sweat onions and garlic in beef fat
Add tomato puree and a good glug of red wine. Heat rapidly.
Add Knorr stock pot and stir
Add boiling water. Continue stirring
Add mixed herbs and Lea and Perrins.
Stir in sliced carrots and potato
Pour mixture over beef.
Set crock pot to high and cook for a couple of hours, then reduce to low for a further 3 hours.
Two hours before serving, add the dumplings and turn crock pot back to high.

Serve with green veg such as broccoli.