Monday, 28 January 2013

Sunday stroll

We didn't go to Ickleford as planned yesterday. The wind was very strong, so we went to Wymondley Wood for a more sheltered walk.

Part of the Garden City Greenway

The sky was a clear blue and, despite the wind, it was lovely to walk in sunshine for the first time in what felt like forever.

 There was some ice and snow in the shady parts of the circular walk but the ground was mostly soggy and flooded in places.

A battalion of moles

On our  drive to the Arboretum met a couple of completely flooded sections of road. We've never encountered this before and always thought we were safe from flooding as we are on the edge of the chalky Chilterns.

Despite the soggy conditions, there was evidence of activity from a whole battalion of moles.

A sleepy Ron 

It was good to be out in the sun again. Ron enjoyed his run. He was so muddy and wet that he went straight into the  Butler sink for a wash when we got home. He spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing on 'his' chair in  the conservatory.