Thursday, 31 January 2013

A walk in the sun

The weather has been a little difficult lately. After more than a week of ice and snow, torrential rain has left many of our usual walks flooded and/or inaccessible. Yesterday, we tried to get to our nearest walk and couldn't. So we drove on a little way down the road and approached the playing field area at Purwell Mill via a relatively dry entrance.
Purwell Mill (grade II listed building)

River Purwell from the Mill Road

We'd almost completed a complete circuit of the fields when Ron headed for the fast-flowing stream (River Purwell) at full tilt. We managed to get his attention and he returned to us without getting close to the water. The rest of the walk was through the Mill's grounds to the waterside path, with Ron on his expanding lead to prevent further temptation.

After a morning's monsoon, we were glad to be out in beaming sunshine which revived our spirits despite the cold wind.