Thursday, 4 October 2012


 something incredible is waiting to be known. ~ Carl Sagan

Boxing exercises with partner
For me, the 'something incredible' was discovering that I'm quite good at 'boxing', at least I'm quite good at the exercises that the tutor introduced into the weekly Well-Being Workout (categorised as a muscular conditioning and toning class) at the Nuffield gym. We paired off and were put through routines of one partner punching the target on the other partner's focus pads. As the pace increased and the punching routines were teamed with sprinting (or in my case, walking quickly) to the other end of the room), it became clear that this was quite an effective cardio-workout with upper-arm/shoulder strength.

The remainder of the 45 minute class included core work with and without fitness ball. Bridge, superman, pushups and cobra curl etc.

Bridge without ball
Bridge using ball

'Superman' without ball
'Superman' with ball

Cobra curl
Pushups with ball

Quite a strenuous workout was followed by tea and toast before the first of the 4,  hour-long full body massage MWNN had bought  for my birthday. I think I need a massage to recover from the massage.