Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sailing Away

One of my favourite things, watching the boats and dreaming of their journeys.

Dreaming of the wide world
Waiting at the water's edge,
Watching all the ships as they are heading for the harbor wall
Watching as they disappear,
Reading out the names of all the places I have never been,
Looking out to sea, staring out to sea,
Dreaming of a wide world, dreaming of the wide world
. ~Chris de Burgh

Our first boat was a small 'day boat' with an outboard. As we got older, we upgraded to a 45foot narrowboat and cruised the Inland Waterways. For the past decade, we are usually away, cruising in France for my birthday. Not so this year.

I miss being on the water but being beside it in Tenby almost compensated and there are two weeks in Southwold planned for November - yes November, I like the water whatever the weather, pay attention. ☺

This post was composed yesterday, when the house was full of parcels from The Daughter & CO  (tastefully wrapped by Amazon) and MWNN. MWNN's parcels were wrapped (as is traditional) in Christmas wrapping paper - no need to splash out on wrapping paper when there's perfectly serviceable paper with girly fairies waving wands (not to mention reindeer of the red-nosed variety and snowmen in their party top-hats).

Feeling the love.